My way to the perfect baguette

Digital workshop

Join me and learn how to make a real baguette in your kitchen, in your oven, with your tools and household equipment

Did you know that a baguette is at its best during the first three hours of it coming out of the oven?

These first three hours are the stage when the baguette is at its peak – it’s warm, its crust is perfect.

The inside is airy… every bite takes you on a pastoral trip to France.

Have you ever tasted a baguette like this? Naturally, most of the baguettes sold today have been waiting on the shelf, and they are almost always purchased after the best period of time.

As soon as I realized this, madness set in. I had to make a baguette at home. But the perfect baguette!

I worked on it for over two years.

During these two years I read, watched, tried, and without exaggeration – I made thousands of baguettes. It was a long and exhausting process of a lot of trial and error (and a bit of wondering :))… Those who followed me during this period, already know that I don’t give up until I get the result I’m looking for at the highest standard, without compromise, and for me – there were no shortcuts.

And that’s it – I got to it. I finally found the exact formula. I got the perfect baguette!!

I decided to create a focused workshop for you, which provides you with the most accurate and correct process for making the perfect baguette. With the help of the workshop, you will be able – like me – to make a perfect baguette in your home oven, and enjoy it when it is hot and fresh just as it should be. A baguette that will fill your home with aromas you’ve never known, flavors you’re yet to discover, and excitement you’ve never known.

The workshop is adapted to baguettes with yeast only, sourdough only, or a combination of yeast and sourdough (the so-called hybrid baguette)!

The workshop is a precise and professional workshop and lasts about 30 minutes.

Access to the workshop can be from your mobile phone/tablet/computer.

From the moment of purchase, access to the workshop has no time limitation.

What will you learn in the workshop?

  1. You will learn to knead baguette dough in the right way;
  2. You will learn to do the rising process accurately and adjust the rising times to your schedule;
  3. You will learn to shape the dough in a way that preserves the gases, and with the correct and precise technique, and within this framework you will view the shapes from different and easy to understand angles;
  4. You will learn to score the baguette;
  5. You will learn to bake in your home oven as if it were a professional oven;
  6. You will learn how to incorporate making a baguette into your routine;
  7. Bonus – you will learn to make additional and amazing shapes from the baguette dough that will impress everyone;

And most importantly with my method you will learn to make a precise baguette – airy, crusty, and delicious!


The workshop is suitable for the inexperienced to experienced bakers who want to improve and specialize in making baguettes.

I recommend kneading the dough with a mixer.
With the rest of the tools, you can get by with what you have at home.

However, there are products with a negligible cost that will make it easier for you, such as professional razors, a flipping board (baguette board), Couche Proofing Linen, etc.

In the workshop I demonstrate the work on a yeast and sourdough combined baguette, which is my preference.


In the workshop there is reference and adaptation to each of the options. That means you can make a baguette any way you want – yeast only / sourdough only / or combined.

The workshop is digital. You can watch it on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, at your convenience and in your spare time, and as many times as you want.

The workshop has no time limitation.

Since the workshop is digital, After purchasing the workshop, it is not possible to cancel and there are no refunds.

My baguettes with yours flours

Stagioni5 -pizza napoletana

100% Caputo pizzeria blue

Caputo 100% all purpose flour

Caputo 100% all purpose flour

Pivetti all purpose flour

Caputo flours combination (tipo1 & all purpose)

Caputo flours combination (tipo1 & all purpose)

T65 french flour- "Reine des bles"- by Moulins Bourgeois

udi galili

Nice to meet you

I am Udi Galili,

After 12 years as an economist and risk manager in an insurance company, I decided to leave and follow my heart.

I followed my passion and great love for bread. The hobby that became a profession, working at what I love.

In recent years I have conducted workshops and taught over 2,000 students to make sourdough breads and baguettes.

The experience I have gained over the years has made me professional and I know how to convey the knowledge in a friendly and understandable way.

I am a home baker and understand your needs.

Besides to the filmed video, the workshop is full of information and a lot of additional content.

I am available for you for any question.

Good luck, 


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